Pastor  Winston  and  Apostle  Tawanda  Cevis  are  the founders  of  Restoration  Tabernacle  which  is  located  in Port Deposit, Maryland.  Apostle  Tawanda Cevis felt the call to another level of ministry back in 1999. Hungry for the Word of God, she attended every class her church offered. She  dawned  her call  in  the  ministry  as  a  Deaconess  in 2002. She was later called to the office of Minister in 2005, followed  by  Youth  Pastor  in  2006.   Apostle  Cevis  was called  a  little  higher  as  she embraced  the  office  of Assistant Pastor of Renew Life Ministries Church in 2010, and then installed as Sr. Pastor of Restoration Tabernacle in  2011.   God  in  His  faithfulness  gave  the  gift  of Apostleship to Apostle Cevis and she was affirmed Apostle on August 29, 2015. Since the age of nine, Apostle Cevis has declared, “If I can help somebody along the way, then my living will not be in vain”.


Pastor Cevis and Apostle  served under the leadership of  their previous church for nine

years; until God lead them to start the branch of Zion known as Restoration Tabernacle.

God  immediately  sent  them  an  earthly  covering,  Apostle  Anthony  D.  Hutt  of  Victory

International  Covenant  Churches.   Today  they  both  serve  as  Pastor  and  Apostle,  and

cherish the opportunity to be Godly examples to not only married couples, but to all who

have a desire to serve the Lord or have not come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

They have a passion for the well-being of all youth, and have made a life commitment to

raising and caring for young people from all walks of life.


Apostle Cevis often expresses her gratefulness to God for the Priest of her household, her

husband for over 25 years. Pastor Winston Cevis began his ministerial calling in the office

of a Deacon in the year of 2001. Throughout the season of serving as a Deacon; Ministers,

Pastors, and Apostles alike have admired the level of excellence  and dedication displayed

by  Pastor  Cevis.   God  called  Pastor  Cevis  to  the  office  of  Minister, Elder and  then to Pastor.


Pastor Cevis and Apostle Cevis are known for the hospitality shown to those who visit their

home  and  their  church  home.   Their  love  for  God,  patience,  humility,  and  loyalty  to

effecting  positive  change  in  every  life  that  crosses  their  path,  are  glaringly  evident  to

anyone who has made their acquaintance.


Restoration Tabernacle is a church home where beauty is given for ashes, oil of joy given

for mourning, the garment of praise is given for the spirit of heaviness; that all who come

might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be glorified.


Restoration Tabernacle  |  7 Pleasant View Church Rd, Port Deposit, MD 21904   |  (410) 618-9024