Our Ministries

Younger Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry

Self Defense Ministry

Mighty Mustard Seeds

Children 3-11 years old



Children Church dismisses before sermon.



Children's bible education 7:30pm

We ensure safety and biblical teaching for children. They play games, learn songs and are in plays! While your children are away the parent(s) can enjoy the services.

Soul Seekers

Children ages 12-21 years old



Soul Seekers meet every 2nd Friday from 7:30pm-9:00pm


We ensure safety and biblical teaching for children and young adults. They are taught biblical principals and help them with peer pressure, honoring parents and more!

In June, Soul Seekers hosted a trip to Six Flags and they enjoyed themselves!!!

R.E.S.T Ministries

Children ages 12-21 years old



R.E.S.T meet every 2nd Friday from 7:30pm-9:00pm


R.E.S.T  Ministry (Restoration Empowerment Self Defense & Training) is a self-defense and recreation ministry for youth ages 5-18 years old.  We serve the community by providing a Christian-based environment for self-defense education and application through character building that is consistent with our Christian faith.

Men's Fellowship

Women's Fellowship

S.W.A.T (Sons with a Testimony)


Every 1st Friday

Men's Fellowship at 8:00pm


SWAT (Sons With A Testimony) operates as the men’s fellowship of Restoration Tabernacle. We see us being led by the Holy Spirit to lead in our church, in our families, on our jobs and in our communities. We see us leading the charge in refocusing the perspective of men as a whole to align with God’s original purpose for us; to be kings who serve the KING. We see us being diligent in our affairs and committed to positively impacting the lives of those around us by having a servant’s heart. We see us being open and honest about our past and ready to build a better future accepting the difference in everyone because…We are Sons With A Testimony.

D.O.T.K (Daughters of the King)


Every 3rd Friday

Womens Fellowship at 7:30pm


Daughters of the King is a monthly fellowship designed for women to develop camaraderie, a stronger sense of fellowship with each other and a deeper level of who we are as women and the issues we encounter in our daily lives.  Events begin with light fun and excitement with small meals, celebration of monthly birthdays and updates on upcoming events.  Special guest speakers will be invited to share with women on specific topics that impact them as God continues to shape their destinies.  Forums will be developed to create a discussion base and allow participants an opportunity to discuss and hear solutions which can change the direction of their lives.

Singles Ministry

Marriage Ministry

The Wait

Unmarried men and women over 17 years old


Every 4th Friday

Singles Ministry meet at 8:00pm


The Wait is Restoration Tabernacle's singles ministry aimed at the spiritual growth and enrichment of the single men and women in the body Christ. We believe that before entering into a marriage one should be whole. We want you to be the best individual God intends you to be. It is our mission to glorify God in all we do; to create and maintain a loving community of individuals in an effort to develop spiritual growth through prayer, worship, fellowship bible study, social events and evangelism.


Holy Matrimony

Husbands and Wives


Every 2nd Saturday

Marriage Ministry meet at 11:30am

“Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man. And Adam said:‘This is now bone of my bone And flesh of my flesh; She shall be called Woman, Because she was taken out of Man.’ Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:22-24)

 This is a group class for all of the married couples at RTab. Our married couples learn to communicate effectively, when to properly end a disagreement, heal from past wounds, and walk together in Unity.

Dance Ministry

Praise and Worship Team

Clothed in Grace and Grace Abounds


Tuesday Practice

GA: Every other Tues. 6:30pm-7:15pm

CIM: Every other Tues. 6:30pm-7:15pm

CIG: Every Tues. 7:30pm-9:15pm


Our ministry consists of praising and worshiping God through music and dance. We strive for growth in Christ as a unit and individually. Our goal is to let God use this ministry to save souls, uplift and restore those who are heavy burdened, hopeless, sick, depressed, addicted to sin, etc. We want to tell the people that God loves all of us. We will teach the Good News about Jesus Christ and encourage people to keep running the race God has set for them.  Our desire is to expand the dance ministry to take our mission worldwide.

Angelic Voices, Mass Choir, Voices of Praise and Restored



Rehearsal is every Wednesday 6:45-9:45pm




Restored is the Praise and Worship ministry of Restoration Tabernacle. We see us bringing the glorious gospel through the pentameter of music to this dying world. We see us ministering in music to heal the broken hearts, set the captives free, and to compel the lost to come to Christ. We see us engaging the body of Christ in unified worship as one voice to the Glory of God; for We have been Restored!!!

Hospitality Committee

Usher Ministry

Heavenly Hosts


The purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to share the love of Christ with the heart of servitude to our pastors, church family, guests, and community. We welcome you to join us and help support the body of Christ! Our goal is to help create an atmosphere of Christ’s unconditional love for all to receive by sharing the spirit of hospitality. The Restoration Tabernacle Hospitality Committee commits to welcoming everyone into God’s house through friendly and gracious service.


First Impression


First Impression is our Ushers' ministry. We are here at this branch of the Kingdom to service the needs of the people and to stand guard at the door. We are friendly smiles, a warm handshake, and an encouraging word. We are God’s Ambassadors always ready to pray and protect.


Pastor Aide Ministry

Video and Audio Ministry

Shepherd's Comfort


Shepherd's Comfort is our Pastor's Aide ministry. We are an outreach ministry that serves the widows, youth, elderly and the disabled and bring them into the house of worship. We reach others with the Gospel with providing transportation to Bible School and Worship Service on a weekly basis. Our staff display the love of Christ, create a peaceful atmosphere, provide a clean and safe environment.



Vision of Victory


We are RTab's media department and are responsible operating the sound system, photography, videography, graphic designing, and social media as well as CD/DVD production. VoV was formed in February of 2015 and is a ministry that continues to grow as we learn new ways of sharing God's Word with the world. We follow the 6 P's to Perfection ( PRAYER & PROPER PREPARATION PREVENT POOR PERFORMANCE.), strive to achieve excellence, and overcome anything that tries to prevent us from carrying out our duties.


Transportation Ministry

Deliverance Ministry

Trinity Travels


We are an outreach ministry that serves the widows, youth, elderly and the disabled and bring them into the house of worship. We reach others with the Gospel with providing transportation to Bible School and Worship Service on a weekly basis. Our staff display the love of Christ, create a peaceful atmosphere, provide a clean and safe environment.





Every 1st Friday and 2nd Saturday

Unchained meets at 7:00pm on Friday and 2:00pm on Saturday


We recognize that the battle with addictions, having adverse dependencies, and suffering from destructive habits can be hard to navigate alone.  We also know that with every temptation God makes a way of escape.  As Unchained Ministry, we vow to help be that way of escape encouraging every member in prayer, scripture, calls and support through this season.  We are so glad that God lead you to join this ministry!

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